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Spire Healthcare

Covid-19 Social Media Listening and Creative


Spire operates in a challenging sector where ever-increasing sensitivity over NHS funding can lead to negative press or even lack of consideration for private providers.


Spire had a partnership with the NHS in place already, but were contracted to provide further support through the COVID crisis with hospital space, staff and equipment.

At this time, Spire wanted as a priority to increase consistent, positive sentiment and online engagement from consumers and intermediaries alike.

Sticky works with the client’s teams to identify and relevant Spire activity for amplifying further, especially around COVID but in other areas too, including cancer support. We validate these decisions with insights into what is the most important information for audiences to hear.

With a strategic shift towards a brand narrative focused on good news and #howwehelp, we inform the public about Spire’s capabilities, both in fighting COVID and in supporting the NHS with other areas. We also update patients on scheduling for their existing treatments.

Our work has led to a series of videos, animated graphics and social media campaigns, as well as ongoing strategy and social listening reports.


Increased and sustained net positive sentiment to an average of over 90% positive sentiment for a 13-week period.

Increased local and national coverage, maintaining an average of over 30% share of voice, resulting in increased levels of engagement across social channels, particularly with the use of video.

Simultaneous decline in competitor coverage, due at least in part to our strategic shift towards controlling the brand narrative to publish good news, with over 1,150 positive mentions and stories, about #howwehelp.