Device Orientation

Bringing road safety to life


Key to RAC’s business objective is to become the go-to authority on road safety and technical expertise, and to develop a trusted, industry-leading voice from within the news agenda. It faces the strategic challenge of elevating itself above the online noise – leaning on its 120+ years of invaluable experience to establish trust, educate and recruit more members.


As creators for the RAC Drive hub, we took the decision to review the site’s most-visited advice pages and bring them to life with compelling visual, adding an extra layer of accessibility and lasting value. Our multi-skilled team condensed key information from each page, creating engaging scripts for a series of animations and infographics. We reviewed tone of voice to ensure maximum audience reach, designed bespoke creative elements and crafted a series of seamlessly on-brand visuals which deliver critical information in an accessible, Sticky way.


Our visual content helped a series of already-popular pages to grow their organic traffic and become the best-performing pages of their type. The animations and infographics also secured links from major publishers, including The Daily Mail, Daily Express and The Mirror, and the articles remain top search results within their subject categories.