Device Orientation

Turning USPs into feelings


Despite being one of the biggest players in the premium sports footwear universe, ASICS knows it has ground to make on long-time pacesetters Adidas and Nike.


Steeped in heritage, with a legacy of developing pioneering running technology, it faces the challenge of raising its brand profile as the most accessible, knowledge-led, market expert. For over 70 years, ASICS has lived by its core value of ‘Healthy soul in a healthy body’. Now it needs to cement its story, reputation and core proposition into the broader public consciousness.

Through our varied work crafting ASICS’ clients comms – from web pages and product descriptions to email campaigns and social strategies – we lead with the principle of putting feeling front and centre. By connecting on a more emotive rather than scientific level, we’ve been able to cut through to the core of audience engagement. So ASICS GEL™ technology is no longer 'enhanced in laboratories from inert polymers to form silicone', but simply promises 'cloud-like cushioning' for a 'floating on air' sensation.


By selectively prioritising feeling ahead of technical specification, we’re able to communicate in a benefit-led, jargon-free pitch – enhancing the emotional connection between customer and brand.