Sticky designer brings his wisdom to David McCandless new book, Knowledge is Beautiful

Learn how Sticky’s own Andrew Park has contributed to Knowledge is Beautiful – the new book from information design expert David McCandless

Most copywriters – Sticky Content included – strongly believe in the power of words. But sometimes the cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words rings true.

Good data journalism can help users understand complex information more clearly. Well-designed infographics, for instance, can make dense data come alive by visually showing relationships, relative size and links. They can also help non-numerate people better visualise and understand numbers.

That’s why we’re extremely proud to tell you that Andrew Park, senior information designer on the Sticky team, was involved in the creation of data journalist David McCandless' new book Knowledge is Beautiful (KiB). David is well known for his work at the Guardian and has had his work exhibited at the Tate and the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Andrew jumped at the chance to work with David, whom he sees as one of his information design heroes. 

"McCandless' first book, Information is Beautiful, was a huge inspiration for me at the beginning of my info-design career, so I was thrilled to work on the sequel," says Andrew.

"During the project I gained experience working with some intriguing data sets and using varied visualisation techniques. The insights I gained from working in collaboration with David were invaluable."

Andrew worked on the design stage of the new book, contributing a number of visualisations; designs on various data sets; and designs for various icons and visual assets. This was all completed in close collaboration with David to ensure the work met his ethos and standards.

And Andrew is no mean slouch himself. Other projects he has been involved with include designing a label for Drygate Brewery's Gladeye IPA.

Our clients love the work he has done for them. Take a look at this example for the Post Office – the Travel Cost Barometer.

If you ever need persuading that infographics can help relay information in a usable and understandable way, or need to convince your boss that it’s worth the investment, then Knowledge is Beautiful – or McCandless' earlier book, Information is Beautiful – will be all the ammunition you need. Just show them the book and they will see how complex information can be wrangled into digestible, understandable infographics.

Andrew can help remind you, and your users, that knowledge is a beautiful thing.

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