Live panel discussion: Don’t get lost in the Covid wallpaper

How can brands avoid becoming just another cliché in the ‘new normal’



Tuesday, 1st December 2020 


12pm - 12.30pm (GMT)

Live panel discussion: Don’t get lost in the Covid wallpaper

The seismic change in consumer behaviour caused by Covid has forced brands to massively rethink the way they talk to their audiences. 

Some brands have thrived with their agile but thoughtful creative responses, while others have got lost in the cookie-cutter tropes of so much Covid content. 

With audiences spending more time online and consuming different forms of media, the pressure's on to make sure that interactions with your brand really mean something. 

Join our panel of Sticky brand strategists and creative content experts, who’ll be offering a personal but informed take on the brands which made 2020 work for them – and what brands need to be doing to navigate 2021…  

The panel from Sticky

Christian Harris - Managing Director 

Guy Bevan - Head of Strategy 

Rhian Harries - Creative Director 

Jamie Wood - Head of Communications and PR Services 

Sticky recently relaunched as a strategic marketing consultancy, offering an integrated service for brands in sectors facing major disruption, such as finance, travel & transport, healthcare & wellbeing, and food & drink.   

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