Email works – so why not work your emails?

DMA's new research shows email marketing is delivering proven, effective results – despite still not getting the attention it deserves

Open rates are up, clickthroughs are up, conversions are increasing and we’re expecting to see these trends continue next year. You can read the full report here

Created in partnership with Alchemy Worx, the DMA’s National Client Email report shows that this medium is performing and thriving, but still isn’t getting the attention it deserves.

  • Email delivers: 1 in 5 organisations surveyed say that email generates more than £50 for each pound spent, yet around half of B2B and B2C organisations only invest 10% of their budget on it.
  • Email is format-flexible: Marketers are taking a more sophisticated approach to their email strategy, with purchase confirmation or cart abandonment emails becoming more common. However, newsletters are still the most commonly used format. Maybe it’s time to get more creative.
  • Not all email is created equal: Multiple email studies have proven your first ‘welcome’ email is most likely to be opened, clicked and bring in revenue. Yet last year, only 15% of respondents cited a welcome message as an effective use of email. This year, that figure’s more than tripled to 53%, but that means almost half of businesses still aren’t taking advantage.
  • Email needs more attention: 86% of those surveyed describe email marketing as very important or important to their business strategy and the vast majority (81%) manage their email work in-house – yet 60% say lack of resources stops them achieving their goals. Anyone else feel like a lot of people are missing the obvious here

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