10 quick wins for writing great landing pages

A landing page is integral to any digital campaign - it reinforces key messaging and guides readers towards conversion. Here are 10 tips on how to write them...

The landing page is an integral step in any digital marketing campaign – it reinforces key messages and guides readers toward conversion. Here are 10 quick tips for getting it right...

  1. Plan each landing page as a self-contained page – don’t expect users to browse your site for missing information
  2. Have a goal in mind for your user – what do you want them to do now they have arrived at your site?
  3. Write content around keywords – if your reader has found you through a search engine keyword, don’t disappoint them with irrelevant content.
  4. Begin with a clear headline – this immediately sets the page up and tells the user what they’re looking at.
  5. Don’t include slabs of text or jargon – anything that makes it hard for your reader to understand the page ought to be removed.
  6. Front-load all the important information – the key take-away for the user should be right up-front.
  7. Emphasise benefits not features – let the reader know what they can gain rather than just what you’re offering.
  8. Use descriptive links – ‘Click here’ isn’t helpful on a button. It doesn’t tell users what they’re clicking on, and it doesn’t encourage them to convert. Describe the page you’re linking to, instead.
  9. Include a clear call to action – this should be related to your goal and should drive your reader to the next step toward conversion.
  10. Test to see what’s working – testing those little copy fixes can show you what’s having an effect and what you should be doing more of.

For example (right)…

This landing page from uses a clear, benefit-driven headline – ‘Transform your Organization’, which is cleverly repeated in the still image for the video.

The bullet points are easy to read. The verb at the start of each paragraph makes the copy feel urgent and active, and illustrates the benefit for the user without being too sales-driven. 
And, the call to action – ‘Try it now! >’ is direct, compelling and lets the user know exactly where they’re going when they click.

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