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In a disrupted world, businesses live or die on their ability to adapt and evolve, and bring their audiences with them. But unless you understand behaviour, you cannot expect to survive. By immersing ourselves in your audience, we can help you future-proof your brand, products and services.

Where Sticky comes in

Whether it’s technological disruption or political instability, regulatory evolution or climate pressure, nothing ever stands still now. Sticky helps brands to engage with their audiences as they navigate these radical changes.

We do this by looking hard at changing behaviours and beliefs in four key disruptive sectors; financial services, travel & transport, healthcare & wellbeing and food & drink. We put that thinking to work through our core services: strategy, content, comms and talent.

We're structured into sector teams that each live, think and embody one of these key audiences, all the time. With this ruthless vertical focus, we can get ahead of the curve and bring you live, hands-on insights to inform your decisions and actions.

In all our research, we think hard about what's coming down the pipe, how to drive adoption, why people resist. We're especially interested in the challenge of engaging late adopters. Now that you need to always be the change, we're here to lead you on that journey, keeping people stuck on your brand all the way.

Each of our sector teams is immersed in the beliefs, needs and priorities of its audience. Each spends dedicated time 'being the audience' as well as constantly consulting audience panels and focus groups, in order to create an ongoing loop of insight, feedback and evaluation of changing needs.

We'll deliver informed opinions, strategies and practical recommendations that you can use to stress test and future proof your own marketing strategy, and inform your recruitment planning, product development and business strategy too. And, just as we've always done, we will help you translate that thinking into strategy, content, comms and talent.

Financial Services

What is the future for banking, insurance, pensions and other financial services? Will augmented reality, blockchain and AI, the cashless society and even COVID 19 revolutionise our relationship with money? We look hard at the risks and opportunities for FS firms as they look to adapt and evolve against a backdrop of rapid regulatory and technological change.

Transport & Travel

Travel’s future is without boundaries, but uncharted waters lie ahead. We navigate a limitless landscape through the lens of psychological, technological, environmental and financial factors – uncovering how behavioural change will dictate the next steps for tourism, business and air travel, personal and public transport, and beyond.

Healthcare & Wellbeing

How is technology revolutionising wellbeing? What will the healthcare sector look like in the next five years, and will COVID 19 change it forever? We examine the future of the evolving healthcare and wellbeing sector in light of unprecedented challenges and incredible technological advances.

Food & Drink

Synthetic foods, micro diets, diet personalisation, the widespread adoption of sustainable values. What are the pressures and innovation that will shape the food & drink sector over the next few years, and how can you bring your customers and consumers with you?

What we do

We have built a powerful team to provide what we believe are the core skills and services that our clients will require to future-proof their brand, products and services.

Audience immersion

  • Financial Services 
  • Travel & Transport
  • Healthcare & Wellbeing
  • Food & Drink


  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Insights
  • Ideation
  • Planning
  • PR & Comms
  • Data


  • Copywriting
  • Video
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Social
  • Design
  • Podcasts


  • Governance
  • Training
  • Embedding talent
  • Monitoring

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